Harshit Prasad Compiling Ideas into Reality! 🚀


Hi there! My name is Harshit Prasad and I’m a citizen of historic and beautiful country of India. I’m passionate about technology. I love to work on all kinds of cool areas on Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Full Stack Development / Mobile Webapp Development. Currently, I’m studying at LNM Institute of Information Technology and will graduate in year 2020.

Why this blog?

This blog is a summary of my learning process and my achievements. I’ll be keep updating this blog once a particular milestone will achieved and it will help many others to grow and make progress with me.


  • GitHub Campus Expert:

    India’s 6th GitHub Campus Expert.

    Being a GitHub Campus Expert, my role is to empower student developers on my campus and support in growing the developer community on my campus.

  • Open Source Lead

    Being an Open Source Lead, my role is to mentor students in various kind of projects from Web-Development and Machine Learning and help them to get started in open source communities.

  • Google Code-In Mentor (2017-18)

    Mentored pre-university students on various projects. Most of the work involved helping out students in various technologies and build a small-scale software.

  • CodeHeat Mentor (2017-18)

    Mentored university students on various projects of FOSSASIA. For more information: https://codeheat.org/


  • Google Singapore Office Talk

    Invited by Google Singapore Office as a speaker to present my views on open source technologies in March 2018.

  • Appreciation Medal - CodeHeat 2017

    Awarded the “Appreciation Medal” for being “Most Appreciated and Helpful Mentor” in CodeHeat 2017 programme during FOSSASIA Conference in Singapore in March’18.

List of achievements can be found on my Linkedin profile.